June 02,

June 02, 2017

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Copyright 2009 – 2017 by Pe­ter Jockisch, Netzwart@Dokumente-des-Deutschen-Reichs.de

All listed brand names, trademarks and work titles are the property of their respective owners

The majority of the icons come partly from external sources. Their authors are known by name and have expressly agreed to a free usage, per clear license. The concerned images contain in the “Alt” resp. in the “Title” element an image source reference that appears when you point with the mouse on the graphics.

Most icons come from the “Oxy­gen-” and from the “Cry­stal Pro­ject” and are available at “Wi­ki­me­dia Com­mons”
Overviews: “Ca­te­go­ry:Cry­stal Pro­ject” • “Ca­te­go­ry:KDE icons” • “Tan­go icons” • “Ca­te­go­ry:GNOME Desk­top icons” • “Ca­te­go­ry:Icons